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Search returned 4 results.

Name Size Owner Updated Metadata
spectrum.txt 14kB Susan 2 days ago sample_id: A3303, laser_power: 134.4, laser_units: uW
laser_exp.note 26kB Susan 3 days ago sample_id: A3303, laser_power: 134.4, laser_units: uW
uPL.txt 1.8mb John 2 weeks ago sample_id: A3303, laser_power: 134.4, laser_units: uW
time_gate.txt 32mb Susan 2 weeks ago sample_id: A3303, laser_power: 134.4, laser_units: uW
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michele added spectrum_fit.txt to laser_1404

Fitted gaussian with $\sigma = \lambda \alpha$, where $\alpha$ is the new value of 120 ps.

Dataset included in notebook laser_set_GaAs

  • @michele Are you sure about the value of $\alpha$ - I thought it was around 400 ps.

    by piedra on March 5th, 2016
  • Yeah I'm pretty sure its 120ps, I tested it yesterday in my lab

    by sarah on March 5th, 2016
  • Hmmm, perhaps I need to revise some of my models.
    by piedra on March 5th, 2016

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notebook for sample_id=A3303 & exp_type=raman. 4 comments

Sample A3303 Notes.

Linear optical quantum computing has been proven to be computationally efficient with single photon sources and a series of beamsplitters and phase shifters. Although few photon gates have been demonstrated using bulk optics, scaling to more complex circuits requires integrated photonic technology.

$$E = mc^2 \mu^2 + \int_{x_1}^{x_2}[(\delta \alpha + a_n) x^{n+\delta}]dx$$
The above graph corresponds to experiments done on the collection of samples A3295...A3303 (click to view collection). The data was processed by applying a filter...

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Example in python

 1   import rinocloud
 2   rinocloud.api_key = "your api key"
 4   dataset = rinocloud.Object("new_laser")
 6   dataset.laser_id = "A3303"
 7   dataset.laser_power = 10
 9   experiment.turn_on_laser(laser_power)
11   experiment.save_results(dataset.filepath)
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