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Who we are.

Eoin Murray

Eoin left his PhD at the University of Cambridge to start Rinocloud. He worked at the Cavendish on quantum computing, where he was also an EU fellow with Toshiba. Before that he made and sold software to large banks. Eoin doesn't have any hobbies and spends all his time coding.

Helena Domo

Before Rinocloud, Helena led a team working on microfluidic water sensors at CIT Ireland and the University of Cambridge. Helena studied Environmental Science at the University of Granada. If she's not working on Rinocloud, you can probably find her salsa dancing somewhere.

Fin Murray

Fin was previously CEO of Cellulac PLC, of smallbusinesscan (acquired by RBS), and of LeT systems (acquired by Trimble). Previously he studied at UCC, Ireland and Stanford Graduate School of Business. He runs a lot if he's not in the office, and takes his sons surfing.