Frequently asked questions.

You're in beta, how many features are rolled out?

  • Files, folders & searching
  • Plugins for Python, MATLAB and LabView
  • Notebook
  • Collaboration & discussion

How much of Rinocloud is open source?

As much as possible. All of our plugins are MIT Licensed, and are available on our Github.

Currently, only our server is closed source. However we would like to open source it in the future, if we can find a way to align this with the business goals.

How much does Rinocloud cost?

Rinocloud is free while in beta.

We won't charge our users for at least the next six months, and we will announce when we are going to charge three months in advance.

Rinocloud will always have a free usage tier, and we only intend to charge where there is a large team using the system a lot. Users that help Rinocloud by providing feedback or suggesting new ideas will get more free usage.

Do you have an on-premise version?

We plan to offer a full enterprise, on-site, version of Rinocloud in the future. Currently, since we are focused on rolling out our beta at the moment, we only offer the on-premise version of Rinocloud to a few select institutions. If you would like to request the on-premise version please email us.

Can I download all my data?

Yup, just log in and download your files. Although, you won't be able to take advantage of the metadata searching, and collaboration features!

I forgot my project name.

You can get your project name back if you contact us on the online user support or sending us an email to with your login email, and we will send your project name.