Privacy policy.

What information does Rinocloud store?

Except for the files and metadata that you upload to Rinocloud, we also store typical user information, email, pass and project information.

None of this information is ever with third parties.

We intend to charge teams for usage in the future, so our privacy goals are aligned with that of our users.

Where is my data hosted?

We use Amazon S3 for file storage, and PostgresSQL as our database. Both of these plus our servers are hosted on Amazons eu-west-1 region which means the servers are in Ireland.

Eventually we will start hosting data across more regions. Premium users will be able to choose where to save their data to meet local regulations.

How safe is Rinocloud?

Everything is transferred over HTTPS. We use Django 1.9 for our server, and we have fully up to date dependencies. We are starting periodic penetration tests soon. We also offer encrypting of data on our servers, but it is currently not default. Email us if you would like to request this. Security is our highest priority, if you ever come across a security issue please email us ASAP. We will also offer an on-premise version of Rinocloud in the future, which can sit behind your companies firewall.

Do you have an on-premise version?

We plan to offer a full enterprise, on-site, version of Rinocloud in the future. Currently, since we are focused on rolling out our beta at the moment, we only offer the on-premise version of Rinocloud to a few select institutions. If you would like to request the on-premise version please email us.